As a parent, we all try to instill the importance of savings to our children. This is even more important as your child prepares for college, and their life ahead. Technology, with it’s many benefits has proven time and again that it can be very helpful, and with new apps appearing in the marketplace every day, it’s worth your time and effort to look at the money savings apps listed below, as a way to help your student save money.

Apps That Help You Save

  • Mint – An app that helps you learn how to budget your money.
  • Square Cash – Lets users send and receive money direct to their bank account, without any fees!
  • ATM Hunter (Android / iPhone)- Shows you the nearest ATM machines, but also shares fees, hours, and info on the location.
  • MySuperMarket – Helps find the best bargains and deals on food and other necessities.
  • Big Oven – Like a recipe book for food and leftovers. This app allows you to maximize the food you buy by introducing different meals and options.
  • Venmo – Lets user send/receive money without fees.

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