• Beware of Tax Scams During the Summer Months

    The IRS has issued a warning about new tax scams that many unsuspecting citizens have fallen prey. In this issue of our Lesemann CPA e-Alert, we want to help you understand a bit more, and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

    If you have any fear that you may be getting scammed into an IRS or Tax Scam, you call the IRS directly at: 800-366-4484, or use their online tools to report the suspected scam.

    Most Common Tax Scams of 2017

    • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Scam
    • “Robo-call” Messages Demanding Payment
    • Private Debt Collection Scams

    In addition to the discussion of these tax scams, there is a complete section on how to identify and protect yourself from other scam.

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