• 2011 Year-end Tax Planning & Other Items of Interest

    The end of 2011 is close and confusion continues to grow as to what and how to plan to minimize taxes for this year and 2012.  We thought now was a good time to remind you of some basic year-end tax strategies (i.e. tried, tested & true), as well as tax benefits that are about to expire.  For this information see the attached article – 2011 Year End Planning Summary.  While reading this, remember that “one size does not fit all” and some of these suggestions might not be applicable to your specific tax situation.

    As the next few weeks develop, we will be bringing you updates on tax tips for both individuals/consumers and businesses.  Some of the tips you will see from us will be as follows:

    • Tax bills that have passed in 2011 and how  they  impact  this year’s tax return.
    • Tax preparer requirements to register  with the Internal Revenue Service and what that means to you.
    • How to decide if you need a CPA/tax attorney/enrolled agent to prepare your tax return or simply a tax preparer.  We will specifically address the “registered tax return preparer” and how not to be fooled.
    • Other topics of interest we think will be useful to you.

    Please feel free to contact us directly or provide us with comments, thoughts, gripes & complaints in the comment section below.  While we may not be able to change things, it sometimes is helpful to at least tell the world of your frustration.